Simple RedSnow iOS 8 Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone 5S,5C iOS 7.1.2 Untethered Instant IMEI Check

Following the release of iOS 8 many users are searching for a jailbreak and we are once again sitting right in the middle of that beautiful time period when updated jailbreaking tools are available, which allow us to free our iOS devices from their technical shackles. Just as promised last week, the Team released a few moments ago a new version of untethered jailbreak and carrier unlocking tool SoftRa1n that now works with iOS5 and iOS 8. The updated tool, however, won’t work with the iPad 4 due to baseband optimizations performed by Apple. So basically, this version of SoftRa1n only works for iPhone owners running iOS 7 and iOS 8 and willing to unlock their phones.

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To Unlock your iPhone CLICK HERE

The iPhoneJailbreak-Unlock Official Team was formed in mid year 2009 and have successfully Unlocked over 550,000 iPhones worldwide. This is unparalleled by any other service in the industry. They have achieved this by combining a very simple solution with a fantastic customer service department that is available 24/7 through many forms of contact. From Today you will be able to Official/Permanent/IMEI Unlock iPhone 5S,5C or 5,4S,4 Locked to AT&T , Sprint, Verizon , Telstra, T-mobile, Optus, Vodafone, Telstra, Three, Virgin, SFR , Moviestar, Telia, Telenor, Vodafone, Tele 2, O2 from USA, UK , Australia, France, Canada, Germany and others thanks to the Unlock-Jailbreak dot net Team.

iOS iPhoneJailbreak-Unlock Team has stepped up on Twitter and confirmed that the jailbreak patch exists in the iOS 8 firmware release, so we have an update to the iPhoneJailbreak-Unlock Team tool support Today. But if you’re a jailbreak enthusiast and want to jailbreak and permanent/official unlock iPhone 5S,5C or iPhone 4S,4 or iPad or iPod touch without waiting, you can do so right now by following the team’s official website below.

How the Unlock works?

Your device’s IMEI code will be entered into the Apple unlock database, after this step your iPhone will be marked as factory unlocked device. Now you can use your iPhone on any networks because your iPhone is factory unlocked. After this process you can update the device to any new & old apple iOS 7.1.2 to 8 firmware/baseband including the newest iOS 7 / 7.0.5/7.0.4 for iPhone. If you unlock and jailbreak the iPhone, you can then choose whatever carrier you want to use that phone under without having to return the device to its original owner and get an entirely new one through retail. An iPhone also isn’t the only device that can be unlocked with the right technique. iPads and iPod Touches can also be unlocked and have their carrier modified.